30 Films That Always Stress Us Out

Photo: MovieStore/Rex/Shutterstock.
We know movies are meant to be entertaining and all, but sometimes you just can't resist switching on something that sets our nerves on fire, reduces our fingernails to chewed-up nubs, and ties our stomach in knots. You're chewing on antacids, not popcorn. There's no question of a bathroom break or anything else that might interrupt the action. You need to take a yoga class as soon as the final credits roll.
But hey, if we didn't love all the stress, we wouldn't be obsessed with Stranger Things or The Night Of. Life would be calmer, sure, but certainly more boring. There'd be no sweaty palms, clenched fists, or hysterical shrieks when something jumps out on screen. There'd be nothing keeping you on your toes.
Just bear that in mind as you dive into these nerve-racking films. Prepare to lose your chill, folks.

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