The Best Theories About The Night Of (So Far)

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Oh, you thought that since Game of Thrones was over that you were gonna be going through withdrawal? Don't worry — HBO has got your back. And we've got your theories. Spoilers ahead!
The Night Of is quickly becoming the must-watch show of the summer. The miniseries was written by Richard Price, prolific crime novel author and writer on The Wire, and Steven Zaillian, who wrote the screenplays for American Gangster and Schindler's List, among others. The series is basically Serial mixed with a highbrow version of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
However, the show didn't come together without trials and tribulation. The pilot was ordered back in 2012 as a remake of the BBC series Criminal Justice and was originally set to star James Gandolfini as the underdog genius lawyer, Jack Stone, until his untimely death in 2013. Now, John Turturro has taken over the role in stride. The rest of the show's cast isn't littered with other big names or recognizable faces, which makes it that much easier to focus on the central mystery.
The show focuses on Nasir "Naz" Khan (Riz Ahmed), a 23-year-old Pakistani-American college student living with his parents in Jackson Heights, Queens. While driving his father's borrowed yellow cab, he encounters an intoxicating, mystifying young woman, later revealed to be a 22-year-old named Andrea Cornish (Sofia Black D'Elia.) The two spend a night together filled with booze and drugs. Later, Naz finds her brutally murdered in her bedroom and he flees the scene, unsure of what happened, but knowing that it looks really, really bad. And that only skims the surface of this complex show, which is sure to touch on prejudice, urban life, moral qualms, and corrupt justice systems.
It's easy to see why we already have so many questions and thoughts. We can't wait to see which of these theories comes to fruition.
Here are the best theories we have about the series so far.

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