A Naked Man & His Dog Photobombed This Girl’s Senior Pictures

Everybody loves a good photobomb, especially one that unintentionally involves nudity. That's exactly the situation in which high school senior Jillian Henry found herself during a lovely outdoor photo shoot with a friend. The incident occurred while Henry was standing knee-deep in a beautiful river near her hometown of Eugene, OR. Her friend Elena was snapping some shots to commemorate Henry entering her senior year of high school. Incidentally, a butt-naked and blissfully unaware man and his dog were milling in the background. Henry tweeted out a couple of the shots, which quickly went viral. The photos have now garnered over 28,000 retweets and nearly 83,000 likes. She talked to New York magazine's Select All via direct messages on Twitter. "We were taking some [photos] in the water when we realized he was a few spots down, naked, and we started laughing so hard," she told the site. "It’s a very popular swim spot, so I’m surprised he was there, because we weren’t the only people around... But we also weren’t completely shocked because we live in Eugene and that type of thing isn’t entirely uncommon." She described Eugene as a hippie town, adding, "A lot of people have been saying it’s ‘Classic Eugene.’”
Enjoy the hilarious (obviously NSFW) pictures, below — and considering adding "wade naked with my dog in an Oregonian river" to your bucket list.

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