This Woman Hilariously Handled A Passenger’s “47-Year” Flight Delay

Flight delays and layovers are, unfortunately, a normal part of travel. But usually, they only last somewhere between a few minutes (best-case scenario) and a day or two (worst-case scenario). One man, however, found himself in a very unique situation thanks to a system glitch with the flight-search app, Skyscanner. A man named James Lloyd used Skyscanner to plan out an upcoming trip to Bangkok. The website suggested a flight plan with two layovers: one around 8.5 hours, and another that was more than 413,786 hours long. For those too lazy to whip out a calculator, that equates to way more than a few days — that's a 47-year layover. Logically, Lloyd took to social media to ask the app what exactly he should do with his lifetime in Bangkok. And thankfully for all of us, a helpful and hilarious social media manager named Jen responded to Lloyd's query.
Photo: James Lloyd/Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.
Thanks to her response, Jen quickly became somewhat of a hero to other Facebook users who saw the post. Many professed their love for Jen — whose last name wasn't revealed — while others suggested she should run for prime minister. But when another user noticed something else about Lloyd's original crazy flight, she proved herself even more awesome:
Photo: Facebook.
Jen, you are our hero.

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