6 Answers EVERY Pretty Little Liars Fan Deserves

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One of my co-workers, Ally Hickson, and I talk about Pretty Little Liars weekly. After watching the show for six seasons we have strong opinions, and luckily we tend to agree on most of the essentials (unlike our Gilmore Girls debates). With the finale coming up, there are a lot of big things to discuss, so we decided to turn one of our (mostly) unedited conversations into a story.
Here are our thoughts on the six biggest questions we want answered tonight: Who is going to die? Who is "A"? Who is the "secret sibling"? What actually happened to Maya? (If you believe the random stalker from True North camp killed her, just stop reading here). Which couples are going to reunite? And what answers do we need to be satisfied with tonight's finale?
1. Who Is Going To Die?
Rebecca: Let's get the obvious question out of the way — who do you think is going to die Tuesday?
Ally: Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) for sure. I hate to say it — because I LOVE him. He's the only stable, non-creeper boyfriend on the show. But after Hanna's (Ashley Benson) "dream," I think it's his time.
Rebecca: I totally agree. I do think Hanna's dream means it's Caleb, plus so far none of the deaths have been someone we LOVE. That is how TV deaths are supposed to work, right? They wreck you.
Rebecca: But how will
they survive without Caleb? He has been their "A" secret weapon this whole time...
Ally: Maybe they won't? Maybe "A" wins in the end? Is that too dark to imagine?
Rebecca: Definitely, at least for Freeform...If Caleb doesn't die, then I think Toby (Keegan Allen) does. He was who fans originally theorized would die, but that would cause Spencer (Troian Bellisario) to go off the deep end.
Ally: If Toby dies she will kill someone. As bad ass as Hanna was at trying to play "A" with Noel (Brant Daugherty) last week, Spencer would be SO good.
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2. Who the #?%@ is "A"?
Ally: A reveal that "A" was Ali (Sasha Pieterse) all along would be satisfying. A reveal that it was ANY of the Liars would be satisfying.
Ally: BUT I really want "A" to be Ezra (Ian Harding).
Rebecca: I agree. Ezra or Toby are honestly the only two acceptable "A"'s for me. But Ezra makes the most sense with the endless cash flow and time it would take to full-time stalk people, since he has a trust fund and was unemployed half of the show.
Ally: We also never got adequate explanations for his stalking. He was writing a book...so he needed to stalk these girls with cameras and costumes? LOL.
Rebecca: I've said it a million times, but if he was stalking them and had cameras everywhere, wouldn't he have known CeCe (Vanessa Ray) was after them? Noel was after them? Ali was stalking them?
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3. Who is the "secret sibling"?
Rebecca: Have you read the Aria Drake theories? That Aria (Lucy Hale) is the other sibling?
Ally: YES. I have for YEARS felt that Aria is connected to "A" in a major way. I was a big supporter of all the old Aria theories.
Rebecca: I was NEVER an Aria is "A" believer. I don't think there is a motive that would make me understand why she'd torment her friends and pretend to be tormented for years. I think that Aria could be the secret sibling, but not "A". The evidence is there — why "A" was always nicer to her (they are related!), why Eddie Lamb (Reggie Austin) thought he knew Aria.
Ally: The theory that makes it work for me goes back to those old "Aria is 'A'" theories. And it all hinges on the fact that Aria doesn't even know she's doing it. Her family has a history of mental illness, so the theory is she has another personality.
Rebecca: I also think Ezra could be both the sibling and "A" — Ezra told Spencer the book he really wanted to write was about his family and the mysteries there, but he couldn't, so instead he tried to write the Ali mystery. It was a weird thing to say, so I've always wondered if somehow he's related to this town and the two mysteries were connected.
Ally: That's true. If Ezra isn't "A" then I'm just so disappointed. Because it's felt like hint after hint for years. There's so much we don't know about him
Rebecca: I also wonder if he killed Nicole (Rebecca Breeds)? I know he is acting the sad boyfriend, but I don't understand why they are pushing this storyline along unless Ezra actually killed her?
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Rebecca: Or if in some lame reveal she is the other sibling or "A" and we will all roll our eyes.
Ally: If inconsequential Nicole is "A", then I'm done. DOOOOONNNNEE.
Ally: I do believe there's a reason she keeps coming back up. And I do wonder if Ezra's face wasn't sad boyfriend shock, but HOW IS SHE ALIVE? I KILLED HER? Shock!
Rebecca: Then there is Spencer. She was looking at that book of baby pictures two episodes ago, right after they learned Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) had another child. It's very likely that her dad was having an affair with both of the twins — Jessica (also Parker) and Mary.
Ally: HER DAD IS THE WORST. But that would make sense. I've never given up on the "Spencer isn't really who she thinks" theory.
4. What is the truth behind the Maya storyline?
Rebecca: If Aria is not the sibling, then I want it to be Maya. I want Maya to be Mary Drake's and Eddie Lamb's child. I think her adopted parents moved to town not because of Maya's drug use but because of Radley. And I think by living in Ali's room she learned too much about her biological family, and that is why she was "killed."
Ally: That theory just gave me chills. Because Maya was FINALLY mentioned again for the first time in a very long time. We never solved the Maya mystery.
Ally: She had an entire website with information that we never learned more about. If Maya was their child, and learned too much for her own good, THAT would make sense.
Rebecca: Agreed. Nate/Lyndon/random-man-from-camp did NOT kill her. I refuse to accept that.
Rebecca: And if she was going to the Kahn family parties, she would have met CeCe and started putting even more together.
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5. What couples are going to get together in the finale?
Ally: So wait, there's supposed to be a couple of reunions on Tuesday night?
Rebecca: Yes, THREE.
Ally: I guess it's pretty safe to assume Ezria stays together...because BARF.
Rebecca: I actually hope Ezra gets revealed as "A" or dies, and then Aria ends up with Jason (Drew Van Acker).
Ally: I've shipped Aria and Jason so hard, for so long
Rebecca: Otherwise why did we have that whole flashback and moment of "you were meant to be with Ezra," something the show had already established? Unless Ezra does something so bad that is no longer true — and then voilà, Jason is around.
Ally: So if Caleb dies, that kinda ruins a Haleb reunion...
Rebecca: I still think Haleb is going to count. Like they will say "I love you" as he dies, or we are wrong and it's not Caleb, and that is our one moment of solace as Spoby and or Ezria get together
Rebecca: I think Emison is definitely one of the couples that get together though.
Ally: God I hope so! I need Paige to disappear. No one wants that reunion.
Rebecca: No one ships Paige and Emily, so I refuse to believe that can count when show-runner Marlene King said "three sets of shippers will be happy."
Rebecca: My dream scenario would actually be Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Maya or Ali, Aria and Jason, and Hanna and Caleb.
Ally: I feel bad that Spencer has no one though. Like why is Spencer always the one to suffer...
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6. What other answers do we need from tonight?
Ally: I NEED closure from the Maya storyline. Bethany's backstory for sure. I also just want to know how Noel fits into everything.
Ally: I didn't expect Noel to ever come back to the show. And to see that he played such a major role in the doll house...
Rebecca: ...it's scary and disturbing. I need to know how Noel could justify doing something that awful.
Rebecca: I also need to know what "A" was doing for the last five years...
Ally: Seriously. Like did "A" study abroad or something?
Rebecca: Well if "A" is Ezra then, yes, he was quite literally building habitat for humanity houses out of the country.
Ally: HAHAHA yes! And killing his girlfriend.
Rebecca: I also need to know what Mr. DiLaurentis has been doing this whole time, Why didn't he come back when his family's fortune was stolen and his daughter almost killed?
Ally: I feel like he's dead.
Rebecca: Well that body reveal would be the last straw for Ali.
Ally: Yeah, she would need to check into Radley permanently.
Rebecca: I mean honestly "all roads lead back to Radley," so it could end up that they are all admitted. They all need some intense TLC and therapy after the last seven years.
Ally: Honestly, I don't think half of these questions will be answered. I've lost hope.
Rebecca: I think we are going to learn who died and have one surprise reveal. Maybe its a new member of "A" club, or maybe Nicole appears, or Maya returns.
Ally: If Maya could appear! It would make me SO happy, and restore my faith in this show.
Rebecca: It would make all the stress of watching this show for the last seven seasons worth it.

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