10 Celebrities & Their Unexpected Fears

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
As a culture, we have a slight tendency to exaggerate. We don’t just love PSLs — we’re obsessed. We aren’t just neat and tidy — we Kondo.
Another term we like to throw around (regardless of its clinical definition) is “phobia.” But just because you don’t like being around antique furniture (as Billy Bob Thornton has mentioned) doesn’t necessarily mean it triggers a severe sense of dread or anxiety.
Phobic disorders, as experts call them, include social anxiety disorder (essentially a fear of interacting with others), as well as specific phobias, like an overwhelming and irrational fear of spiders. These fears can be the result of general anxiety disorders, past experiences, or they can be simply inexplicable. And they’re not to be taken lightly — they can really interfere with a person’s life.
That said, everyone has a fear of something, whether they constitute true phobias or not — even celebrities. After all, they’re just like us.
Ahead, 10 celebrities who’ve opened up about the things that scare them the most.

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