You Could Soon Be An In-Store DJ

John Salangsang/
DJing is one of those jobs it seems like anyone could do. You plug your laptop in, pick some music, and bam, you're a DJ. Of course, it's more complicated than that, but soon smartphone-wielding retail shoppers could be the DJ for their own in-store experience. Mood Media, one of the top companies that provides in-store music, just announced a new feature called Social Mix, which makes the store's jukebox public-facing, Forbes reports. "Customers will be encouraged to check out what’s about to be played by heading to the store’s specific Social Mix page via in-store signage," Forbes writes. "In what will likely turn out to be a smart move, those shoppers that want to play around with the soundtrack don’t need to download a specific app, they just need enough cell service to go online and begin mixing." Customers can then vote tracks up or down. The most votes gets played. Simple concept, smart execution, especially since those pounding soundtracks are the worst part of retail shopping. If you're going to be the recipient of an all-out aural assault, you should at least be able to choose the instrument of your demise. The website already exists, albeit in seemingly limited roll-out.

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