Ryan Reynolds’ Responses To Twitter Sex Requests Are Amazing

Twitter sex requests are as old as maybe like a two-year-old. It's an oddly specific genre of trolling, wherein people will tweet "fuck me daddy" at the Pope because they don't really have much else going on. In my day, we updated AIM away messages to be Jay Z song lyrics that our older friends would later tell us to delete because they were embarrassing. Whatever. As internet phenomena go, this one is fairly well-trod. How could it not be? Once in a while one of these replies will catch on and then people do posts about it. Ryan Reynolds, who has an improbably good Twitter for someone who is very rich, handsome, and a father, has been trying to get out in front of this news cycle with his responses to those sexual tweets. Here's a sampling of his replies.
His poor Nana! We love these replies, way way more than we loved Deadpool.

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