Jessi Klein & Vanessa Bayer Serve Up Important Life Advice

Jessi Klein is not a fan of baths. The author of You'll Grow Out of It summarized her feelings on bathing to SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer, on a RIOT Facebook Live broadcast earlier this summer. "It feels like you're making the world's saddest soup out of yourself." Klein went on to explain her theory about why women like baths. "It feels like women are trained to love the bath," she said, "because, in fact, we don't really have another room to go to, in the house. Because when you're married and have children you have people taking up that space, and you're just supposed to love being in the water."
Klein also tackled important questions surrounding juice bars. (Are they always cash only? Why is everyone who works behind the counter so cool?)
Talking with Bayer about astrology, Klein revealed that she's a Leo, though she's not always happy with how Leos are often described. "Some of the signs just seem to get a bad rap," she said.
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