We Played Jenga With Celebrity Trainer Cassey Ho

Blogilates creator Cassey Ho has always been one of our favorite fitness stars, so when we hit up VidCon 2016, we couldn't pass up the chance to hang out with her. After all, in addition to being a powerhouse fitness trainer, she's also pretty great at Jenga. (Plus, she has an applause-worthy stance on body positivity.) The YouTube star stopped by for a game of truth-or-dare Jenga and to give us the answers to life's most pressing questions. In particular: How do you end an awkward conversation with your grandparents? And, since Cassey's empire is built around her mega-successful YouTube channel, we also dove deep into the weirdest comments she's ever gotten on her videos and social media posts. Not only is she super down-to-earth and game for anything, Cassey also took some time to show our very own Lucie Fink one of her favorite pilates moves. Watch as Cassey and Lucie take turns playing Jenga — and doing their best emoji impressions. To see more about Cassey, check out the Blogilates channel on YouTube.

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