Kylie Jenner Is Building A Hidden Hills Compound, $4.5 Million At A Time

Kylie Jenner is starting a real estate empire of houses that are all connected. That's the best we can surmise as a possible explanation for why she would buy another home for $4.5 million right next door to the $6 million property she bought in May, Trulia writes. Then again, three months is a long time to be looking at a multi-million dollar house without buying it.
Her new home, built in 2012, sits on 3.3-acres and offers 5,147 square feet in which to run around. The home is built in a tasteful colonial style, with high ceilings, two structures, and a pool. You won't find any sort of infinity pool or built-in nightclub, this is a house that you could theoretically raise a family in. Or, if you're Kylie, put your more annoying guests when they get to be too much for your main house.
The best possible explanation is that she'll use the property as a workspace for her cosmetics, which have become so popular that even the Momager and her sisters have reportedly turned away people asking for handouts. We have to say, most 19-year-olds hate getting up for work, but most don't have the wherewithal to buy a huge house next to their own and have work get up for them. That's smart real estate investing.

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