Before He Says Anything Else, Ryan Lochte Needs Olivia Pope

Here are the facts: Ryan Lochte lied. That Rio "robbery" that turned into international breaking news was actually a product of adult men behaving carelessly. So what do do with a 32-year-old adult man who lied to both his own mother and the police, and was caught in the crosshairs of a major kerfuffle? One that began, according to the New York Times, over a broken bathroom stall door. Word to wise: Before you tell another untruth, Ryan Lochte, please put aside your gold medal. Take out your phone. Dial D.C.'s help hotline, a.k.a. Madam Olivia Pope. We need to get ahead of this story. Pope and Associates can help you change the narrative.
Other fans had different ideas for what Ryan Lochte's post-LochteGate move should be:

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