This Trump Surrogate Exchange Just Spawned An Incredible Meme

One would think that the daily parade of gaffes, hate speech, and outright insanity of this election cycle would have gotten old by now. But that would be incorrect. Today, CNN anchor Brianna Keilar interviewed famously combative Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen and sparks flew. Incredibly, this exchange was the second meme-worthy dialogue Keilar was involved in today. The first one was when former Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro described the Trump campaign as a "turd tornado." The better, more relevant exchange is brief, and it's practically an Abbott and Costello routine in terms of its simplicity and elegance. Watch.
That's one of the more damning pieces of political theater that's come out of a campaign that will somehow continue for more than two months. Also, someone give Brianna Keilar a Mark Twain award for outstanding deadpan humor. She's the best. Naturally, this exchange spawned an immediate and still-fresh meme. Check out these tweets. They span the Olympics, Murder, She Wrote, LaCroix, and pretty much our entire lives.

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