Ariana Grande & Goats: An Internet Mystery

Ariana Grande has a kid nobody knew about. That kid is a goat, and that goat is in her hands. Look at how cute she is with her kid. That’s a picture of happiness.

A video posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Ariana Grande holding a goat naturally led us down a rabbit hole of Googling “Ariana Grande goat” to find some context for this wonderful video. And what we found was spectacular. Apparently there is a small subset of YouTube videos that intercuts Ariana Grande with screaming goats. The tracks start out Grande, and then there are goats. Watch.
The weird thing is that these appear to be loving tributes. The user that made this video is an Ariana Grande stan.
And there are kind of a lot of them? Like, a really lot? This one is particularly good.
So. Many. Goat. Videos.
It's possible things kicked off with her visit to Mykonos, which included a lot of goat love.
If anyone can explain the connection between Ariana Grande and goats, please, @ us.

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