Even Taylor Swift Knows Not To Cross Rihanna

Photo: MediaPunch/REX.
This summer has exposed many of Taylor Swift's lies. But now, it's time for a little bit of Taylor Swift truth: snake or scammer she may be, she knows exactly who to cross. Someone she hasn't put in her crosshairs? Rihanna. When Buzzfeed combed through Swift's old MySpace profile, there's evidence that as early as 2008, Swift knew Rihanna wasn't to be trifled with. "The HIGHLIGHT of my TRL experience was getting to talk to Rihanna. I love Rihanna. She’s amazing and gorgeous and SO cool to talk to. A lot of the time, superstars have huge entourages around them and its really intimidating and weird," Swift wrote in summer of 2008. "But Rihanna had one, maybe two people with her. It was so cool to see that. We talked backstage during commercial breaks and she was real and outgoing and funny. Yay. :-)" For the time being, Swift seems safe from Rihanna's notorious history of clapbacks.

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