This Game Of Thrones Character Made A Surprising Appearance At The Rio Olympics

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO.
This Game of Thrones character unexpectedly turned up at the Rio Olympics and the internet just can't handle it.

As Vulture points out, it seems that an Australian high jumper shares a name with a certain GoT character: Bran Stark. Even worse for Olympian Brandon Starc is the fact that he bears a slight (very slight) resemblance to the actor, Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran on the HBO series.

Of course, this means the internet is having a field day creating Game of Thrones-related jokes to send to Starc. The biggest joke being that while Starc can jump very high, his TV namesake is known for falling very far. As one Twitter user wrote, "Just watched Brandon Starc compete in the High Jump... Strange, coz I thought he's actually better at the Long Drop."

Another user made a new House Stark logo to use with a photo of Starc, tweeting, "And they said he would never walk again." While someone else wrote that Starc was the one guy who could jump the Wall." These jokes just write themselves, people.

Three-eyed raven jokes were also popular, with many making the proper Aussie adjustments. So far, the 22-year-old Olympian has been nicknamed the "three-eyed kookaburra" and the "three-eyed wombat."

The other biggest question though was where was Bran's late best friend. "There is an Australian named Brandon Starc at the Olympics in high jump," someone tweeted. "No confirmation on there being a Hodor."

But, the gold-medal honor goes to the Twitter user who joked, "If Brandon Starc's friends and family didn't constantly make 'Summer (2016) is coming' jokes, I'd disown them."

It seems like Starc though is the one who ultimately will get the last laugh since he will be competing for a gold medal during tonight's men's high jump final. Not a bad way to live up to the Starc name.

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