Lucie Fink Hangs Out With The Slow-Mo Guys At R29's FunHouse

The Slow-Mo Guys — Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy — joined Lucie Fink in Refinery29's FunHouse. The guys played a tumbling tower game of questions, challenges, and had a pretty epic popcorn fight (in slow-motion, of course).

Free and Gruchy are known for their YouTube channel, which films cool stuff (exploding watermelons, mousetraps, paintballs, etc.) in slow-mo.

The first big challenge went to Lucie: "Show me a dance move you would use to attract someone," Dan said.

"It’s inspired by ancient birds who attract their mates with brightly colored feathers. I would just break it down," she explained, flapping her arms wildly. Was Dan seduced? He fanned his face, because obviously yes.

Gavin's challenge was to act out a pivotal life moment in slow-motion. He chose the moment he met Dan, his mouth slowly frowning as the two shook hands.

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