Here’s What Happens When You Take Drugs & Build Ikea Furniture

Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images.
We love Ikea's pieces and prices, but we can't deny that building the furniture can sometimes be confusing. (The only time I’ve ever heard my sweet-natured, Southern mother utter the F-word was when she attempted to help me construct my Ikea bed in college.) You are likely aware of this, as Ikea angst is a well-documented phenomenon.
And now, a web series is making light of our collective frustration in a surprisingly clever way: by filming people as they try to construct Ikea furniture while under the influence of narcotics. Cleverly titled Hikea, the series, though it may not be entirely legal, is guaranteed to make you laugh. According to Hikea’s creators, Hunter Fine and Alex Taylor, the concept that inspired them to produce the series was fairly simple: "Building Ikea furniture is hard. Building Ikea furniture under the influence is nearly impossible. So we thought it would be funny to make a web series filming people high on drugs while attempting to build their affordably priced furniture. And it's funny to say 'Hikea.'" Indeed. In the inaugural episode, you’ll see Giancarlo and Nicole drop acid before they begin building an Ikea dresser. The absolute funniest part of the clip is watching them hammer more slowly and more daintily than anyone has ever hammered before. Watch below for some big laughs — and a reminder that drugs are seriously bad for productivity. Follow Hikea on YouTube and catch other episodes here. (Dazed Digital)

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