What Would Rugrats Characters Be Like In Their 20s?

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
We may be in a golden age of television drama, but the '90s were arguably the golden age of cartoons. (To be fair, we were kids then so we might be a little biased.) Many of us grew up watching favorites like Beavis & Butt-Head, Ren & Stimpy — and for the slightly younger among us, Rugrats.

For those unfamiliar with Rugrats — which premiered 25 years ago this month, back in August 1991 — the animated series follows a gang of babies on the crazy adventures they take while they're supposed to be crawling around a playpen. I loved the show as a kid (and if we're being honest, well into my tween years).

Eventually, I stopped watching, but I continued to wonder what the babies might be like as they grew older. Would Angelica ever put that sass to good use? Would Chuckie ever drop the scared-baby act? And would twins Phil and Lil ever forge separate identities? Nickelodeon never gifted us with answers to these questions. But that's what the imagination is for — so we've come up with some illustrations showing what we think the Rugrats gang would look like now, and what we think they'd be up to as twentysomethings.

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