Sarah Paulson Just Gave Us The Biggest Clue Yet For AHS Season 6

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
It's been nearly one week since we received a clue about the upcoming season of American Horror Story. That means six days of theorizing about what the hell the theme could be.

As soon as there's a solid lead — a cult! a demonic baby! Roanoke colony! — we're thrown off by a new random teaser. The latest trailer is no different.

In the post, shared on both YouTube and Instagram, we see a non-human creature, maybe a zombie, or an alien, or a science experiment, running towards the camera on a deserted railroad track. Fans have also been comparing the flesh-colored thing to the monster in Netflix's Stranger Things.
The scene is creepy and confusing — like the others. It doesn't match up with the other theories in place at all. But, that's why it exists — to throw us off. Fans on Reddit have already assumed it's an obvious misdirect. After all, only one of the teasers is linked to the actual season, the CEO of FX revealed earlier this week. What a twisted game Ryan Murphy plays!

Luckily, Sarah Paulson is here to help. Kind of.

In a short clip posted to a Brazilian American Horror Story Twitter account, Paulson describes her character in the show using three words.
Real. Life. Human. That eliminates a few things (alien, zombie, witch, ghost) but leaves a lot open to the imagination.

So, what do you think?

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