Does This Film Tackle All The Issues Women Face In The Workplace?

Photo: Courtesy of Sony Pictures.
I love to write and talk about women's workplace issues and ask questions like: When is the right time to ask for a raise? Why are pregnant women and working mothers frequently discriminated against? Is it ever okay to use your sexuality to get ahead?

Truth be told, talking about a lot of these topics can be very disheartening. It's 2016, but there's still a gender wage gap and a lack of women in leadership roles. Although, sometimes these conversations can actually be heartening, especially when you get a lot of smart women in a room to figure out a solution to these shitty problems.

On Tuesday, August 9, Refinery29 hosted a special screening of Equity, a new Wall Street thriller that was written, directed, produced, and starring women. It's a gripping drama that touches on so many issues women face regardless of industry. It somehow manages to be both empowering and infuriating at equal turns.

Following the screening, we had a chance to chat with the film's stars and producers, Sarah Megan Thomas and Alysia Reiner, along with screenwriter Amy Fox. It was a lively conversation about their experiences making the film, the state of women on Wall Street and in Hollywood, and how to have those hard talks with your friends about finances.

Check out the full Facebook Live video below. And be sure to check out Equity — you can find out if it's screening near you here, and read our full review here.

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