7 Possible Causes For Justin Bieber's Mysterious Stomach Circles

Today, Justin Bieber posted a tweet featuring a shirtless selfie that left fans with some questions. The photo reveals one circular splotch just below his chest, with a few lighter-brown splotches on his stomach. His tweet provides no explanation for the appearance of the marks. To get to the bottom of the circular mystery, we've come up with a few completely plausible origin stories for the spots.

1. The circles are ambiguous, yet very meaningful, tattoos.

2. He fell asleep on a watercolor painting of abstract shapes.

3. He was resting several coffee cups on his stomach.

4. He's using a new filter made exclusively for him.

5. They're just giant freckles that his fans never noticed before.

6. The mirror has some interesting, super-specific stains.

7. Like Michael Phelps, Bieber has discovered the power of cupping. (He has done it before.)

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