Watch Snooki Get Botox For The First Time

Most celebs shy away from questions about cosmetic injections. Some cop to getting the occasional boost, but Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi? She takes us into the doctor's office with her and walks us through the process! According to an Us Weekly report, the former Jersey Shore star visited cosmetic surgeon Ramtin Kassir, MD, and snapchatted the whole thing to give us a fascinating inside look at what it's like to get Botox and lip fillers.

➡️ SNAPCHAT: @drkassir ⬅️watch @snookinic get Botox and fillers by Dr. Kassir! ?many patients are seeking non surgical options especially when it comes to overall facial rejuvenation such as getting rid of #wrinkles and plumping their lips as @snookinic in this video. We offer options such as #dysport #Botox and #xeomin. When injected properly by a board certified plastic surgeon, these procedures deliver great results! ➡️Dr. Kassir is a top injector and he trains doctors from all over the world how to properly inject. ? Pain level: the procedure is virtually painless as lidocaine numbing cream is used prior to injections ⏰Time it takes: 10-20 minutes depending on areas treated ?? Downtime: None- these procedures are non surgical ☑️ Results: immediate and may vary ? price depends on the treatment performed, typically, it starts at $400 and financing options are available ? Note: there's an increased complication rates (loss of tissue in the areas injected, infection, scarring, to name just a few), especially if used by non-surgeons and others who only dabble in the cosmetic field. ☎️ call: 212-288-3000 ? Email Sanela at #drkassir #nyc #fillers #restylane #juvederm #rhinoplasty #nosejob #newnose #facelift #necklift #beauty #confidence #topplasticsurgeon #cosmetic #surgery #surgeon #aesthetic #eyelidsurgery #antiaging #kyliejennerlips #jersey #jerseyshore #snooki #nonsurgicalfacelift

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“My first Botox and I’m terrified,” Polizzi announced on camera, on Dr. Kassir's social media account. “I wanna die. I might punch him.” After a couple of seasons spent watching her on reality television, we kind of believe her. But in subsequent snaps, Snooki appears to be feeling okay, and merely squints as the doctor injects Botox into her “bunny lines" and forehead, and filler into her lips. (We're going to assume this isn't her first rodeo when it comes to fillers, since she doesn't comment on that.)
Photo: Via Nicole Hoes/Snapchat.
“First Botox is not bad at all,” she said, according to the report. “He put a vibrator on my forehead and then a needle. Still scary.” At the end, the reality star gave the camera a kiss goodbye with her newly plumped lips, though it appears it's not the last we'll be seeing of her. Dr. Kassir hinted, “Stay tuned for videos of her #treatment!” on Instagram, and added various hashtags related to the non-surgical nose job — an off-label treatment that re-shapes the nose with fillers alone. We probably won't be chanting, “Shots! Shots! Shots!” à la her Jersey Shore castmates, but we'll definitely be watching.

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