Chad Johnson & Spencer Pratt Team Up To Represent For Reality TV Show Villains Everywhere

The Bachelorette's "bad" Chad Johnson returned to Bachelor in Paradise a week after being kicked off to apologize for his bad behavior. And whether you believe Johnson was sincere in his apology or not, another reality TV show villain, Spencer Pratt, has his back. According to E!, Johnson returned to the Bachelor in Paradise after show, After Paradise, to apologize to Sarah Herron for calling her a "one-armed bitch" on the show's premiere. "To be honest, I drank a lot," Johnson said of his brief appearance on the reality show, adding, "I do want to clear it up. I obviously feel really bad." Weirder than Johnson's apology though, may be the Skype appearance of The Hills' bad boy Pratt, who defended Johnson's actions by saying the former Bachelorette contestant was "pushed" into the role of villain.
Pratt even blamed The Bachelorette herself, JoJo Fletcher, for not giving him a chance, before saying he'd like to take Johnson out to dinner at Don Antonio's a favorite spot on The Hills. Johnson wasn't so quick to defend himself though, saying that he was sorry for what he said about Herron, but not sorry for exactly how he handled himself since he claims the TV audience didn't get the full story. "What happened and what was not aired is literally: She followed me around the entire day telling me what I could and could not say," Johnson explained. "People crowd around, I talk to them and make jokes and all of a sudden, she's offended." Johnson only had nice things to say about Pratt though, shouting out his new bestie for defending him. "Props to my bud @spencerpratt for havin my back, bein cool, and knowin how shit works on TV shows," Johnson tweeted.
The two are having quite the Twitter bromance as of late. As Us Weekly points out, last week, Pratt tweeted that he was sad to see Johnson get kicked off Bachelor in Paradise. "Just when this TV night couldn’t get worse," Pratt wrote as a not so subtle diss at the fact that The Hills 10-year anniversary special was also airing. Pratt later tweeted that Johnson wasn't "ready for drinking in Mexican heat" as an excuse for Johnson's ousting. When fans asked if the two could be friends, Pratt tweeted, "“We are BFF." Who knows, maybe there's another reality show in these guys' future?

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