All The Questions You’re Going To Ask When You’re Pregnant

In this episode of Expecting, Mikala visits her doctor and has some important questions for her.

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The second episode of Expecting, Refinery29's YouTube series about the more bizarre aspects of pregnancy from comedy channel RIOT, follows Mikala to a doctor's appointment. Like any pregnant woman, she comes armed with a few questions for her doc. And while it's certainly normal to be extra alert during this vulnerable time, some of Mikala's concerns skew more hyperbolic than most. "What foods are safe for the baby? When it comes to secondhand smoke, how safe is safe enough? What about microwaves?" The longer Mikala goes on, the more seemingly random her questions become. It's only when the exam actually starts that she gets to the question she has really been trying to ask all along: "Is he okay?" There are a lot of uncertainties that come with pregnancy, and it's only natural to feel anxious when you're living with those unknowns for nine months. And even though this episode of Expecting has a little fun with the concept, just know that you should never feel self-conscious about asking your doctor about something that concerns you during pregnancy. As we learned from the previous episode of Expecting, you're much better off trusting your doc's advice than anyone else's. That said, if you ask your doctor about how to avoid breathing any outside air (like Mikala does here), hopefully you're willing to laugh at yourself. Watch the latest installment of Expecting above; then, share the most extreme question you've asked your doctor in the comments section below.
All The Questions You're Going To Ask When You're Pregnant
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