This Is The New Fall M&M’s Flavor

Photo: Courtesy of M&Ms/ Mars.
Autumn is just around the corner (although we refuse to stop drinking frosé until at least mid-September), and you know what that means: Fall flavors will be finding their way into all our favorite treats. Though the now-infamous pumpkin-spice flavor is still being seen all over, it may be asked to step aside in order to make way for another festive taste in the M&M's universe. The newest fall take on this iconic chocolate candy is Boo-tersotch. Boo-tersotch M&M's are made with white chocolate, which is infused with a butterscotch flavor. And while the clever name makes it the perfect sweet to pass out come Halloween time, it might be hard to track down. According to Delish, right now Boo-tersotch is only being sold at M&M's World. Since locations of the store are limited, you might have to wait a bit to try them. However, by the time that spooky holiday rolls around, the flavor is expected to be available around the country, though it will be sold exclusively at Target. The availability will depend on when stores start stocking autumn seasonal items, Delish reports, so be on the lookout.
We have to say, though the Red M&M on the bag looks absolutely terrified about the new flavor addition, we definitely want to get our hands on a bag.

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