Lucie Fink Talks Crushes & Teeth Brushing with SketchShe

SketchShe joined Lucie Fink for an episode of Refinery29's Funhouse. The ladies played a "tumbling tower" game with super-big blocks (think Jenga, but on a large scale), and answered an oddball set of questions. The Australian comedy threesome — Shae-Lee, Lana, and Madison — went for the hardest blocks to remove as they played with Fink. Each block had a number that corresponded to a question, and the questions were about everything from flirting to acne. "What is the best thing to do when you have a crush on someone?" Fink asked. "You’ve gotta act cool. Never make it too overt," Shae-Lee said. "The moment you go too long on the flirt eyes, that’s when they turn to creep eyes." Meanwhile, SketchShe member Lana acted out the difference between a flirty stare and a creepy one. Madison was asked what treat she'd choose to take on a desert island. “I’m trying to think of deliciousness and nutrition," Madison pondered. Her pick? "I’m gonna go with pizza!” When Fink picked a block with a toothbrush break, she and SketchShe took a minute to brush their teeth on camera just ahead of what else but… a snack break, popcorn, no less.

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