We Had No Idea This Fruit Existed

Photo: Bournemouth News/REX/Shutterstock
Get ready to have your minds blown. We just discovered that something called a cucamelon exists. Not in our dreams, but in reality. Technically a fruit, the cucamelon is, as its name implies, a cucumber-melon hybrid. It looks like a tiny watermelon, and coming from someone whose first AOL screen name was Melonberry77, I can't even with these adorable mini-melons.

According to Homestead & Prepper
, cucamelons (also known as Mexican Sours or sandiitas) do not actually taste anything like a watermelon. They instead have the flavor of a lime-soaked cucumber, making them great for pickling and adding to your favorite cocktail. However, unlike cukes, cucamelons don't need to be peeled, AND you can eat them whole, making them the perfect little treat picked fresh off the vine (no hacks nessecary). Wondering how you can get your hands on summer's new It fruit? Try growing your own tiny harvest.

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