Celebs Tweeting Their #FirstSevenJobs Prove That The Hustle Is Real

Last week, songwriter Marian Call put out a question on Twitter: What were your first seven jobs? Pretty soon, her query was trending as #FirstSevenJobs, and tweeters from all walks of life joined in to share their first wage-earning gigs. Included in that group? Some celebs who paid bills plenty of different ways when they were just starting out. Long before he was causing founding-father-related mania, Lin-Manuel Miranda was everything from a slushee-machine operator to a nude model (he added that it was "real tasteful like").
Actress Constance Wu's early jobs included shirt-folding at The Gap.
Bandmates and sisters Tegan and Sara shared the jobs they've had together and alone.
Mira Sorvino, Regina Spektor, and Stephen Colbert also weighed in.
Even astronaut and self-proclaimed "global space statesman" Buzz Aldrin couldn't help but share (we wish one of our first seven jobs involved walking on the moon).
It's a fun way to learn trivia about some of our favorite celebs — but, as one tweet puts it, it's also a good way to remember that the path to success isn't exactly straightforward.
Or, as Buzz Aldrin pointed out, there's more than one way to become an astronaut.

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