Ikea Takes On Food Instagrammers In Hilarious Ad

In a true throwback ad, Ikea imagines what food Instagrams would look like in the 18th century. Spoiler: it's a long and tedious process from image creation to collecting likes.
We see a family sitting down for a lavish, candlelit meal. A young girl reaches for some food, but oh no, her father scolds! We must wait for the image to be captured. A painter rushes in and paints the entire meal in oil while the family waits. The painting is then taken to a carriage and rushed about the countryside.
Will everyone like it? A duel is interrupted, other meals are put on pause, and finally, the image of the meal is presented to the fancy-pants king. Will the family's meal get a thumbs-up?
The ad closes by making the point that we should enjoy each other and the food we're eating — not focusing on impressing each other. “It’s a meal. Not a competition,” Ikea reminds us.
Of course, a peek at Ikea's own Instagram page shows it's just as guilty as all of us in engaging in a little food porn, but who can blame it? Everyone's hungry for likes!

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