7 Women Share The Secrets Only Their Sisters Know

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
This article was originally published on August 5, 2016.
Relationships between sisters are among the most special, unique, and indescribable bonds out there. But often, there seems to be one unifying quality among sisterly relationships: Your sis is the only one who understands something very specific about you.
And since National Sisters Day is on Sunday, we decided to celebrate this hard-to-pin-down perk of sisterhood by asking real women to share what only their sisters know about them. These secrets go much deeper than that time you snuck out on a school night. They speak to the way our sisters can read us with just a look, or how they know what we’re going to say before we open our mouths. Like we said, it can be difficult to describe our sisterly bonds, but this is one small way we can acknowledge how well our sisters know us.
Click ahead for seven sisterly secrets; then, share your own in the comments section. Oh, and if you have a sister, you might catch yourself nodding in agreement to at least one of these anecdotes. We suggest you take that as your cue to give your sis a call.

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