Dogs Have Their Own Wine Now Because Cats Can’t Have All The Fun

To ensure that your pet is never left out of any celebration, Apollo Peak has been making wine for cats since November. But since that only caters to the cat-owner demographic, the company has now expanded to dogs. Because of course they have. Now, Apollo Peak wines come in ZinFanTail and CharDOGNay in addition to Pinot Meow and MosCATo. Well, "wines" might be a misnomer. None of these products contain alcohol, as they shouldn't, given that it's poisonous to pets. The concoctions are actually made with peppermint or chamomile for the calming effect and beet juice for the color, founder Brandon Zavala told The Huffington Post. "They’ll get more of that mellow mood," he said. For cats, the secret ingredient is catnip. It's nice to know your dog's got a way to unwind after a long day chasing sticks and eating kibble.

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