You Can Now Buy Wine For Your Cat

Everyone has curled up with a bottle of wine and a cat at one point or another. And a fair percentage of people have either said or thought that it’s not fair for the cat to sit there, not drinking wine and…judging you. Where does that smug cat get off? Unfortunately, there’s no solution to this problem short of giving the cat some of your wine. Not only is that wildly irresponsible pet ownership, it’s also a waste of wine. So we have good news. Apollo Peak is America’s first cat wine manufacturer, and they’re here to fix your very specific problem. The Denver company manufactures drinks like Pinot Meow and MosCATo. Despite their wine-like names, they’re composed of organic catnip and water colored by organic beet juice. “It’s made like a tea,” Apollo Peak founder Brandon Zavala tells The Huffington Post. “But since we got it to look so much like a wine, we want it to be perceived as a wine by the consumer — that way they can feel as though they are having a glass of wine with their pet.” The drink has been around since November, when Zavala named it after his older cat and sold the drink. “It’s kind of a weird story,” he tells The Huffington Post. “It started out as a joke, slapping a label on a regular wine bottle.” Well his joke is now on us. The drink is completely safe for cats (there’s a Japanese manufacturer using grapes, which can occasionally be feline-unfriendly) and available here. Drink up.

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