Scott Patterson Coyly Weighs In On Lorelai’s Possible Pregnancy

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Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival will be hitting all your queues on November 25, but until then, get ready for an influx of plot rumors. Luckily, Scott Patterson is here to confirm a major one for us — and it gives just a little bit of insight on another. We're talking about the Loreali and Luke relationship, and Lorelai's potential pregnancy. At an amfAR event on August 3, Patterson told People that he can confirm that Luke and Lorelai are indeed together. "I can tell you that we are together," he said. "We are together and we're sort of figuring out the next step." That's comforting to hear, considering Jared Padalecki's latest quote on the status of his character and Rory Gilmore's love life. Does that next step me a baby for the beloved on-screen couple? Patterson wouldn't say one way or another. He, in the words of People, "played coy" when they brought up the topic. But what does that even mean? Coy as in...he winked at the reporter? Coy as in...he smirked and looked away? Coy as in...he avoided the question and gave no answer? Yep, that last option seems to be it. So basically, there may or may not be a baby — straight from the coy source himself. Here's to three-and-a-half months of teasers.
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