“Gingers Do Have Souls” Viral YouTuber Comes Out As Trans, Says Caitlyn Jenner Helped

Six years ago, YouTuber Cooper Cab uploaded a video proclaiming that "gingers do have souls."
The video quickly went viral because of her passionate, and quirky, demeanor while delivering the message. In the video, Kittrell said she was the victim of bullying and was taunted for her red hair. She said much of that was spurred from a South Park episode in which they declare that ginger kids have no souls. Kittrell's rant currently has over 40 million views.
Now, Kittrell is nearly 24, and has a new message to share with followers — she is transgender and in the process of transitioning. Kittrell also said she will now go by Claire instead of Michael. She uploaded the emotional 10-minute video to her YouTube channel opening up to her followers about the real her. She also changed the pictures on her social media profiles to photos of her with new hair and makeup. In the video titled, "I'm Done Pretending #TransPride," Kittrell says "I am not going to continue living my life pretending to be someone else. Not in front of the camera and not behind one." She said a major inspiration for coming out as transgender was seeing Caitlyn Jenner's journey unfold in the press. "It may seem cliché, but Caitlyn Jenner helped me out a lot," she said. "I know that she gets a lot of flack because she is a lady of means. She has a lot of money and not every trans person can look like her because she's able to afford surgery." On Twitter, she hinted at a big reveal in an upcoming video earlier this week.
After the video was uploaded, she was happy to see the flood of support.
In the description of the video, Kittrell also explained how much anxiety she's experienced and asked for viewers to accept her as she is. She wrote: Please watch the whole way through before you judge. I am so tired. I've tried filming this 100 times today and I am not happy with how the video went but I was fighting an anxiety attack through out the whole thing. Not going to try filming this again. Take it or leave it, this is who I am. No longer going to hide. Thanks. Lots Of Love xoxo
Watch the emotional video below.

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