Gisele’s Daughter Inherited Her Amazing Blonde Waves

Gisele is known for her long, blonde waves, and it looks like her daughter Vivian Lake Brady inherited them. The two were in São Paulo for the Olympics Monday, and seeing them side by side is uncanny. Vivian is just three years old, and you can already spot the family resemblance.
This Instagram photo of Gisele as a toddler also reveals the similarities between her and her daughter. But the supermodel does regularly get highlights, Vogue pointed out, so it could be part coincidence.
Both of Gisele's kids are a big part of her life, and she likes to show them off on her Instagram. In addition to Vivian, she and Tom Brady have a six-year-old son named Benjamin Rein. It looks like he's got darker locks like his dad, though.
Whatever their kids look like, Gisele and Tom Brady do appear to be raising one happy family.

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