RIOT Live: Jessi Klein & Vanessa Bayer Talk About Their Dream Bachelor Spin-Off

Comedian Jessi Klein is a Bachelor fan, but she's ready for a hilarious reimagining of the show's the tried-and-true formula. Instead of the usual boring, conventional hot people, she told Vanessa Bayer on RIOT Live, the franchise needs a spin-off full of funny ladies. "What if there was a season of The Bachelor where the Bachelor was just the usual dumb, hot guy, but then he's surprised to find that every Bachelorette is just a Jewish girl that went to a liberal arts college. And we all arrive in a Volvo and get out of the car in our clogs, like, 'This is nuts, right?!'" Bayer interviewed Klein on RIOT Live about her new book You'll Grow Out of It. The conversation turned to Klein's obsession with The Bachelor, and she confessed how deeply invested she is: "I wish I could pretend that I watch a lot of quality TV and The Bachelor," she said, "but it's mainly just The Bachelor." The appeal of the show surprised her, Klein said. It wasn't until she watched "creepazoid" Juan Pablo's season that she realized how funny it could be. "I used to be one of those people, like, 'Ew, that's just a dumb show for dummies.' And then I watched it and was like, 'This is the happiest I think I've ever been,'" Klein said with a laugh. Bayer, a staple on SNL, added her take on a Bachelor with women comedians instead of the show's usual homogenous cast. "By the end of the show, no one would even care about the Bachelor," Bayer said. "Everyone would just be supporting each other and saying he's garbage."

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