Rose McGowan & Scott Baio’s Twitter Feud Is Bizarre

Rose McGowan is interested in politics, as evidenced by her tweets, which showcase her take on both the DNC and RNC. What she isn't interested in is becoming half of the next celeb Twitter feud.
However, Scott Baio, who made headlines this month for sharing his political views at the Republican National Convention, seemed intent in starting something online. After McGowan tweeted, "It's a tough week for having a soul #RNCinCLE," Baio shot back. He tweeted in response, “I didn’t know you were the country’s conscience. But enjoy living in socialism. Keep getting plastic surgery.”
It seems the whole thing would be put to rest after McGowan replied, "I must recuse myself, can't be in a Twitter fight with you @scottbaio it hurts the soul, I'm sure you'll understand."
But after publications like Page Six published the Twitter exchange, Baio claimed they had missed another, more colorful tweet that McGowan had deleted. He posted a screengrab of the tweet, as well as one his wife sent in his defense.
Has the feud that never was finally been laid to rest? Or will more sausage-related innuendo fly back and forth between the two? We'll just have to wait and see.

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