Your Horoscope This Week — Jul 31 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Hey, hey! August is off to an ambitious start, astrologically speaking. And a certain Jenner sister already launched her Kyshadow Kit, like, a week ago.

But no need to develop entrepreneurial inadequacy. (Repeat after us: "When I compare, I despair.") Instead, lean in to motivator Mars. From Tuesday until September 27, the planet of drive and motivation cruises through Sagittarius, driving up our venturesome instincts. Get rolling on your business plan or enroll in specialized training to lock down bankable skills. Sagittarius is the global traveler of the zodiac, and this Mars cycle could spur an international adventure. Oh, the places you could go...

Also on Tuesday, 2016's only new moon in Leo brings even more #fire. But sorry, the meek shall not inherit the Earth this week. Nope, with a theatrical Leo moon electrifying the skies, the showponies and entertainers will slay. This is a new moon, though, so huge results aren't bound to show up overnight. These lunar beams encourage us to develop our hidden talents and share the ones we've been quietly rehearsing with the world. Or, just get started on a creative path like learning some chords on the guitar. Be daring with your style; make the first move on a date. Fierceness will light the way to good fortune.

It all gets a bit tamer on Friday, when amorous Venus flutters into virtuous Virgo until August 29. Forget PDA or getting lit so you can declare your sloppy sentiment! Keep a privacy policy in place, because the magic is more modest now...on the surface, at least. (Visualize Virgo Beyoncé closing that partition.) Love affairs will require more structure and stability with Venus here. Hash out labels — or agree not to label things. Analyzing the romance can be kinda fun — as long as you don't overanalyze it!

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