Do These Clues Reveal The Theme Of American Horror Story Season 6?!

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We're all patiently waiting to learn the theme for season 6 of American Horror Story, which returns to FX September 14. Fan theories have included everything from an orphanage to "Slender Man," an evil meme turned supernatural fan-fiction character. But PopSugar just dug through an interview with creator Ryan Murphy in The Hollywood Reporter from October 2015, and turned up some very telling clues. Murphy's cagey answers at the time hinted at two potential themes: First, the return of an Antichrist baby. "People's obsession with that baby..." he began, referencing the devil child from season 1. "We've talked about that in the writers' room. We haven't committed to it, but he might show up at that hotel." This interview was done before American Horror Story: Hotel wrapped, and viewers now know that the hotel does not, in fact, ever receive a visit from an Antichrist baby (though there are plenty of other creepy characters). So could this mean season 6 will deliver us a cooing bundle of evil joy? Not necessarily. In the video, Murphy also threw in another potential theme. "This year, with season 6, it's weird because one idea that I think we're going to do is an idea that we started talking about in season 1," he said. "So, the clue for season 6 is not just in the material we're doing now; it's from way back in season 1. We talked a lot about it. So there is a clue in there. I think we're gonna do that one." PopSugar points out this could hint at a fan-favorite suspicion: cults. In a 2013 interview with Deadline, Murphy tossed around the idea of a Charles Manson-like story line. And a cult does attempt to recreate the infamous Murder House killings in season 1... There's so much to consider! But we've got one more curveball to throw at you: Don't forget that it's possible season 6 could include both of these story lines. Last August, Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that, "Next year we might do a fall American Horror Story and a spring...we have to decide.” Two whole seasons wrapped up in one? We are here for it. Until then, we'll just be patiently awaiting the much-anticipated theme announcement. We just have one request for Murphy: Please bring us more fabulous Lady Gaga outfits.
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