What One Astrologer Sees In Donald Trump’s Future

Photo: Dennis M. Rivera Pichardo/AP Images.
It's the end of the world as we know it if Donald Trump wins in November. That's according to Walter Mercado, a Puerto Rican astrologer, who has predicted the "total destruction" of the planet if the Republican candidate becomes the next president of the United States. "I did [an astrological] chart about what I see in the future and the present of this monster, this backwards person that can lead not only the United States, but the world, to total destruction," Mercado said in an interview with the Latino magazine People En Español. "He has no knowledge of politics and no knowledge of any type of diplomacy," Mercado added of the billionaire businessman, a Gemini. "He is a person that thinks money can buy anything and thinks that you can buy the conscience of all of humanity. The conscience cannot be bought with these policies that are so insulting and offensive to the human race." When it comes to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a Scorpio, Mercado sees a different future if the stars end up working in her favor. "I am totally, completely, and absolutely in favor of Hillary, and astrologically, she is the better prospect," he said. "God willing, the stars will align so that we will have the right president." For those who aren't familiar with Mercado, he is a famous TV personality and is beloved in the Latino community, especially by grandmothers.

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