Use This App & Help Bust Sex Traffickers

Photo: Getty Images.
A new app is finally putting your vacation hotel-room photos to good use. TraffickCam, an app available for both iOS and Android, was developed by the Exchange Initiative. The organization's goal is to fight sex trafficking. Now, everyday people can help fight sex traffickers by simply taking a photo. All users have to do is upload pictures of their hotel rooms. Using those photos, TraffickCam is able to create a crowdsourced national database of photos showing the insides of hotel rooms. Those photos help law enforcement match images posted by sex traffickers to real locations. The app launched in June, but already has more than 50,000 downloads. Each day, an estimated 1,700 new photos are uploaded to the database, reports Techly. According to TechCrunch, the app details features such as patterns in the carpeting, furniture, and window views. Those details can be analyzed to help law enforcement. According to the app’s creators, testing shows that the app is 85% accurate in identifying the correct hotel in the top 20 matches. Not only does the app help bust real-life sex traffickers, it also raises awareness about sex trafficking in the U.S.

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