This Eyelash Disaster Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

If you’re a glass-half-full kind of person, a sneeze can be considered a mini orgasm. And if you’re a glass-half-empty type, a sneeze can mean you’ve contracted a disastrous sickness. But it takes real doomsday thinking to imagine that a sneeze will trigger complete lash loss. Unfortunately, friends, the end is near. Because Cosmopolitan U.K. reports that for one Reddit user, a sneeze resulted in the loss of nearly an entire row of her upper lashes while — get this — using an eyelash curler.
Photo via Aub3912.
Sure, these medieval contraptions look like torture devices and clamping so close to the eyeball can feel perilous, but we never imagined that such a violent act could result from something as seemingly insignificant as sneezing.
Photo via Aub3912.
But one look at the photographic evidence — including an eye nearly stripped bare and lashes lying lifeless in the jaws of her eyelash curler — serves as a serious PSA. If you feel a sneeze coming on, step away from the eyelash curler. Or, consider ditching the eyelash curler altogether and go for a lash-curling mascara, instead.

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