Gillian Anderson Tweeted An Amazing Old Photo Of Kate McKinnon

Before Kate McKinnon donned her Ghostbusters suit, she was rocking another supernatural ensemble, and now the whole world knows. When X-Files star Gillian Anderson stumbled across an old photo of the comedian dressed up as FBI agent Dana Scully, she couldn’t help but share it on Twitter. And all at once, the hearts of nerdy girls everywhere exploded. This photo initially took over the internet a few years ago when it appeared on Reddit, but now that McKinnon’s currently stealing the show in Ghostbusters, it’s reaching a whole new audience, including the last person her tween heart would have expected.
“We have something in common & it’s not slimy green things,” Anderson captioned the photo. Gillian Anderson isn’t just a fan of Kate McKinnon, she’s envious. Back in a Reddit AMA in 2014, when Anderson first learned about the Ghostbusters reboot, she couldn’t contain her excitement. “Paul Feig, cast me now!” she wrote. “Start a Twitter petition! I'm free!!!!! I'm free I'm free and I'm funny, goddamnit!” While that never panned out, that doesn’t mean Anderson is any less supportive. And hey, now that the actresses have proved they’re kindred spirits, who says they couldn’t join forces in a sequel?

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