Instagram’s Most Common Food & Drink Emoji Reveal We Really Like Booze

You can tell a lot about a person based on their recently used emoji, and you can tell a lot about the world based on which ones we use on Instagram. Not only have the emoticons invaded our menus, but now they’re revealing some surprising truths about our Instagram use. That's thanks to the list of most used food and drinks emoji released yesterday for World Emoji Day, according to Food and Wine. While innocent treats like birthday cake slices and lollipops are scattered around the list, four of the top 20 emoticons are alcohol, including the single and clinking beer emoji, wine, and even the martini glass, suggesting that “drunk” might be everyone’s favorite filter. Of course the coffee emoji snagged a place, as aesthetically pleasing morning cups of joe are practically the reason Instagram was invented. The rest of the remaining 20 are filled with the usual suspects: fruit, junk food, and sweets. If its IRL counterpart looks good against a solid background, then the emoji probably made the list. Instagram’s top 20 emojis are a lot like Instagram itself: cute, but probably not representative of real life. The same goes for the top ten emoji on Tinder, which are filled with smiley faces, raised hands, and salsa dancers, despite dating being mostly uncomfortable smiles and sweat. There’s only one truly honest emoji, and it hasn’t been invented yet: the running-late-because-you’re-looking-for-the-right-emoji emoji.

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