Can You Guess What The Most-Popular Emoji On Tinder Is?

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
On Tinder, sometimes words just can't express how you really feel. That's when you have to find the perfect emoji to say what you really mean. And it seems that users of the dating app seem to gravitate to certain emoji more often than others. In honor of World Emoji Day, which falls on July 17, Tinder shared a list of the top 10 most-used emoji in profile bios. You may be surprised to know that they're all very G-rated. According to Bustle, users tend to use certain food emoji — a pizza slice, a red wine glass, a coffee cup — all of which make perfect sense when trying to give a sense of your favorite dates. Sorry, no eggplants or peaches here. Another surprise may be the fact that so many on Tinder are using the dancing lady to communicate with their potential matches. This would definitely complement the music-note emoji, however, which also lands on this list. The globe is another popular choice, likely shorthand to express one's love for travel, while the smiling face with heart eyes is a perfect way to tell someone you're swooning. The emoji of hands raised in praise also seems to get high praise from Tinder users, coming in at second on this list. But the most-popular emoji on Tinder isn't all that surprising, since it's certainly one of the flirtiest emoji around: the blushing smiley face. So, to get your flirt on, maybe add one of these emoji to accentuate your point. Who knows, you may even get one back.

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