Smurf-Blue Lattes Are The Latest Vegan Trend

Colorful drinks from coffee shops are clearly becoming a big trend. Since the craziness over Starbucks' complete line of rainbow beverages has died down a bit, a new vibrant coffee treat has stepped into the spotlight. "Smurf Lattes," from Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne, Australia, are a beautiful shade of blue and made with a very unexpected ingredient. The coffee drinks aren't made with dyes or even pigmented fruit. The color, according to the café's Instagram, is created by adding E3 live blue algae powder. The other main ingredients in the Smurf Latte are lemon, ginger, agave, and coconut milk. Though algae doesn't seem like the most appetizing addition to your morning latte, it is considered a superfood, because it contains a high concentration of protein and over 65 kinds of vitamins, according to the Global Healing Center. The nutrients are a plus, but let's face it, we really just want to know what this crazy concoction tastes like. Matcha Mylkebar's co-owner, Nic Davidson, told Mashable, "You can definitely taste the agave and the lemon. It's a quite sweet and 'soury' kind of taste..." Just like the Starbucks rainbow drinks, the Smurf Latte isn't actually on the menu, but requests for it have skyrocketed, thanks to how photogenic it is. Since Matcha Mylkebar first posted photos of the latte on Instagram last week, orders have been coming in droves. Davidson says the café sold over 100 Smurf Lattes last weekend. Take a look at the pics and you'll totally understand why.

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