Genius Hacks We Learned From Our Fave Movies & TV Shows

Honest question: Has a movie or TV show ever taught you anything?
We're not talking about life lessons that stick with you and develop your character. Has a TV show or movie ever taught you a skill, word, recipe, or general life hack?
Maybe it was an off-the-cuff remark from one of your favorite reality-TV personalities. Or, maybe it was a critical scene in a classic movie. Maybe it's a piece of throwaway dialogue from that straight-to-VOD movie you watched one Sunday afternoon. In the end, the result was the same: A brief "Ah-hah!" or "I didn't know that!"
The point is, TV and movies often have little snippets of information — sometimes buried in mundane dialogue — that can be useful in real life.
Now, we're sharing some of the best movie and TV show life hacks we've ever seen on-screen. Click ahead and decide whether they're worth trying IRL.

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