Here’s Gilmore Girls‘ First Season In 60 Seconds

If you're planning to watch the Gilmore Girls revival but are fuzzy on the original, here's something to help catch you up. In a video posted to the show's Facebook page, Sean Gunn, who plays Kirk, narrates a truncated version of Season 1 while in character. He first introduces us to Rory and Lorelai and explains the basic plot of the show. Then, he goes over all the additional characters, including Luke, Miss Patty, and himself — someone with "a lot of jobs, including reading this." He also gives a rundown of everything that happens during the season, including "mother-daughter fights," "produce fights," "hugs," "wallowing," and "very fast talking." It's a lot to squeeze into a 60-second video, but he pretty much covers all his bases. It may even intrigue someone enough to start watching the show. If you're already a fan, though, chances are you've seen Season 1 ten times already. In that case, this'll at least help you pass another minute of your time before the revival.

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