Does The #153DaysOfGilmore Campaign Tell Us When The Revival Will Come Out?

If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, you've probably been obsessively Googling and stalking social media to try to figure out when the revival comes out. And chances are, you may have read into things a little too much. Those the other day, for instance? Probably not a legitimate clue. But now this looks promising.
Why, after all, would they hold this campaign for precisely 153 days? Why that exact number? Could it be that the new show comes out in that many days, on November 22? That's also the date Lauren Graham's book was supposed to be released, though it's now coming out on the 29th, according to Bustle — which could mean the campaign was originally timed to the book. Or, the hashtag could also just be referencing the fact that there are 153 episodes of the show. But that still wouldn't explain why they started counting now. Would it? Okay, so maybe we are reading into things a bit too deeply again.

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